Sacha Baron Cohen Biography

Sacha Baron Cohen Biography

British actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is famous for his notable comedy films such as The Dictator, Ali G Indahouse, Borat, and Les Misérables. He gained prominence with his show Da Ali G Show, where he played three characters- Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, and Brüno Gehard.

Sacha Baron Cohen was born in Hammersmith, West London, on October 13, 1971. Gerald Baron Cohen, his father, operated a clothes store. Daniella Naomi, his mother, was born in Israel. Sacha Baron Cohen is of Jewish descent. He has two brothers, Erran and Amnon Baron Cohen. He continued his education at the University of Cambridge.

He became a fashion model after graduating from university. He hosted a television show in the early 1990s. During 1998, Sacha Baron Cohen starred as fashion reporter Brüno on the Paramount Comedy Channel. Ali G. made him famous. Ali G was an illiterate Staines thug. In 2008, Ali G began appearing on The 11 O’Clock Show. GQ awarded him comedian of the year in 1999. In 1999, he was named best newbie at the British Comedy Awards. Da Ali G Show first aired in 2000. The following year, it won the BAFTA. Sacha Baron Cohen played Ali G in the 2002 film Ali G Indahouse. The television show was aired in the United States. He has also made documentaries about Bruno and Borat. All three of these films were huge successes.

Sacha Baron Cohen was named Best Actor- Musical/Comedy at the Golden Globes. Admiral General Aladeen is his ultimate character. Aladeen is a despotic ruler from a creative Middle Eastern country. Muammar Gaddafi, the real-life Syrian tyrant, inspired Aladeen.

Sacha Baron Cohen has faced criticism for his characters, including Ali G and Aladeen, making racist comments. He married Isla Fisher in 2010 in Paris, and they have two daughters named Elula Lottie Miriam and Olive.

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